Monday, March 9, 2009

A look back of events

I'm sitting in Starbucks waiting for 6:30 to get here so I can go to my 3rd GM. When Sister Viva invited me to my first GM I was kind of scared to go. To attend a meeting with 55+ people I didn’t even know was kind of weird, but now I look forward to the meetings. In some cases it’s a chance to run into Sisters I don't see much of.

Easter is coming up soon so I have decided to wait on my ascension into the order till AFTER Easter is over for the simple fact everyone is so busy. This marks our 30th and so everyone is planning all kinds of fun stuff to celebrate. I'm working with Hospitality right now and that seems to be crazy in its self. We have 150+ nuns coming in from all over the world so just the language barriers are enough to make most people flip, I don’t know how Novice Sister Adora does it!

And on top of all of this Sister Mary Timothy is in the hospital again, this time of Pancetitis. *sigh* Poor thing always has something, that’s why I made a scarf that all her colors and I'm going to have it blessed tonight for her and have it sent to her in the hospital tomorrow.

This is going to be a VERY long session. We have to finalize on an Easter theme and all that fun stuff. I’m hoping since we have SO MANY people that my idea of “Nun World Order” gets picked. I think 200+ nuns in military garb would be GREAT to see lol.

I have been keeping a page of events that I have been attending and so far it’s getting kind of long:

• Novice Sisters Selby Redeem’s Novice Project “Fat Tuesday”
• Sister Sarah Femm’s Benefit for the Boob
• Pajama Party Bingo
• Cops and Robbers Bingo
• Posters with Cecilia Fate
• Handing out cloths and blankets with Sister Eunice X, Krystall, Tammy Fae Bakersfield, and Sarah Femm
• Condom handouts at Bearacuda with Sister Sarah Femm, Guard Tighty Whitey, Sister Tilly Comes Again, Novice Sister Adora Penthouse View, With Special appearance from Father Papi Seed from Palm Springs
• Helping with Hospitality with Adora for Easter

I have been a busy Aspirant, and I think probably the busiest one…I know there are 5 including me and I barely see the other 4 so I’m making sure the Sisters know who I am LOL

It’s a lot of work but I’m having so much fun….

Until Next time,

Love to love you
Asp. Wilma Fingerdu

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